Women’s denim and apparel brand Madewell announced Tuesday the launch of their fall collection. With a focus on women’s jeans and a much smaller, tighter inventory than its big sister label J. Crew, Madewell has excelled in serving a niche of higher end jeans to women.

For the new campaign, Madewell focused on six words that capture the brand’s identity: tomboy, effortless, sexy, unexpected, cool and artful. The campaign pairs each word with an outfit that represents the meaning of the word.

Highlights of the collection include the quirky Rivet and Thread Star Jeans in a straight, high-waisted fit with vintage Americana star detailing throughout the pant. The Rivet and Thread denim duster coat, meanwhile, is a classic blue jean wash that channels a 90s vintage vibe.

Madewell’s fall collection is available now through Madewell stores and online.

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